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8 Things That Will Help You Snooze on an Airplane, According to a Sleep Specialist


January 21, 2017
by Melissa Locker

Whether you’re jetting from coast to coast or around the world, jet lag is a downright drag. A little background on the traveler’s worst enemy: "Jet lag occurs when we experience a desynchronization between our internal body clock and the external time clock of our destination," explained Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D., an Environmental Fellow at the National Sleep Foundation. "Symptoms of this desynchronization include fatigue, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, indigestion, and a negative mood."

None of those symptoms make for a very fun vacation. One of the best ways to avoid that "desynchronization" is to sleep on the plane on your way to the destination. There’s just one problem: "Airplanes are a terrible place to sleep," said Dr. Carl Bazil, a sleep specialist and professor of neurology at Columbia University... [read more]