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Divisions, Centers, Programs and Services

Aging and Dementia Division

Dr. Karen Marder, Chief

Child Neurology Division

Dr. Cigdem Akman, Interim Chief

  • Pediatric Epilepsy Program (Dr. Cigdem Akman, Director)
  • Tuberous Sclerosis Center 
Cognitive Neuroscience Division

Dr. Yaakov Stern, Chief

Critical Care and Hospitalist Neurology Division

Dr. Laura Lennihan, Chief

  • Neurocritical Care Unit (Dr. Jan Claassen, Medical Director)
  • NeuroCardiac Clinic (Dr. Sachin Agarwal, Director)
  • The Allen Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian
Epilepsy and Sleep Division

Dr. Carl Bazil, Chief

Movement Disorders Division

Dr. Un Jung Kang, Chief

Multi-Specialty Neurology Division

Dr. Kirk Roberts, Chief

NeuroCORPS Division, (Clinical Outcomes Research and Population Science)

Dr. Mitchell S. V. Elkind, Chief

Neuro-Immunology Division

Dr. Philip De Jager, Chief

Neuromuscular Medicine Division

Dr. Michio Hirano, Chief

Neuro-Oncology Division

Dr. Andrew Lassman, Chief

  • Brain Tumor Center (Dr. Andrew Lassman, Co-Director)
  • Central Nervous System Metastases (CNSMets) Clinic (Dr. Andrew Lassman, Director)
Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease Division

Dr. Randolph Marshall, Chief

  • Doppler Laboratory (Dr. Randolph Marshall, Director)

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