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Retrospective Detection of Interleaved Slice Acquisition Parameters from fMRI Data
  • This Matlab script detects the interleave parameters from the raw fMRI data, in case these information are lost from the file header. Download code (zip).
  • MatLab code for performing mediation analyses and moderated-mediation analyses with neuroimaging data. Code uses a map-reduce approach to take full advantage of a cluster computing environment.  Download code.

  • MatLab code using the Psychtoolbox for delivering a verbal delayed item recognition task to a participant in the MRI or behaviorally. Uses a detailed configuration file and an easy to use graphical user interface. Download code.
Generalized Covariance provides a user friendly platform to conduct PCA-based spatial covariance analysis on neuroimaging data (like structural MRI, functional MRI or PET) with or without a specialized design matrix.